Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cupcakes and a Cupcake Box! :)

Hi everyone! :) For my Marketing 1 class we had to design some sort of product packaging. I was SO excited that my teacher said we had to do this, because I could use my creative abilities! Lol, its kinda funny, my dad saw me working on this and asked why I didn't put as much effort into Math and I do this. Well, because math is hard and boring, and being creative is easy and fun! :D Anyways, I decided to make a cupcake box, like a prototype box for my cupcake shop (I HOPE!), and of course I just HAD to make cupcakes to put inside it! I brought them to school today and my teacher said he was impressed and he really loved my cupcakes, and so did everyone else! :D Not trying to be rude or something..... but mine was the best project there ;) hehehe

I started with a plain box I got from the Fred Meyer's Bakery 
Since the scrapbooking paper I wanted to cover it in wasn't big enough and I did have enough of it, I used magenta wrapping paper. This was hard because I didn't want it to rip, so my lovely mommy helped me:) <3
I also put pink polka dots all over it! We had to include things like nutrition facts, where it was made, how much it weighed, product name etc. I had such a hard time deciding on what cupcake to use! I finally decided on this one from the Sweet Treats cartridge. The font is from the Hello Kitty Font cartridge.

Yum? YES! :)

Sorry for such the long post! I'm just so proud of myself, I LOVE how it turned out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a good rest of the week everyone!!! :)
I would also like to thank Gina from Gina's Crafting Spot for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Gina!:)
And I'm entering this into the Made It Myself Mondays :)


Court said...

So cool and creative!! Love it!

Sherry said...

I'm your newest follower.

Lori Comeau said...

Neat project. Great idea. I'm going to be sure to share this idea with my daughter. She makes cupcakes all the time for family functions and uses the toothpick technique to keep the saranwrap from touching the frosting. This is a much better idea. TFS.

Karen said...

Another lovely project! :o) You just can't go wrong with cupcakes, pink, and Hello Kitty. :o) Excellent work!

Hugs and blessings! :o)

DIANA L. said...

Yummy these look great.

Annette_Marlow said...

Yumm-O! Love it! I majored in Business marketing and I wish we had a project like this in college... shoot even HS lol! I sooo would have aced it lol! You did a fabulous job! Keep up the great work!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Your cup cake is looking so yummy! And the post is not long I love to see something from different angles and the details come out so much better if there are more photos.Very lovely

lilmisstypo said...

How do you get your frosting to look like that .. ? I love it

Arin F said...

Don't worry about math... I think you have the brains and drive to get to a place in life where you can hire an accountant to manage your cupcake shop! Hey, I was terriable in math in High School and I went on to college and did just fine for myself... I now hire the accountant when needed! :-)